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[ LAPOTHICELL, the Easiest Way to Love Your Skin ]

Our brand name, Lapothicell expresses our will to present the world
with totally new products.
Lapothicell is a name coined by joining "l’apothicaire", an old French word
for pharmacists who used to prescribe individuals with
appropriate medicine, and "cell" for cutting-edge skin technology.
Lapothicell will provide clear solutions for your skin troubles,
and we will continue to create healthy, genuine cosmetic products
to make everyone happy.
  • + Addition

    Adding [ ] to the skin
    Adding [ ] to the product

  • - Subtraction

    Subtracting [ ] from the skin
    Subtracting [ ] from the product

  • × Multiplication

    Multiplying the skin by [ ]
    Multiplying the product by [ ]

  • ÷ Division

    Dividing the skin by [ ]
    Dividing the product by [ ]

    LAPOTHICELL proposes a simple method of applying four easy formulas to love your skin.
    Add what skin wants, subtract skin concerns, multiply functions on skin and even out skin tone.

      「Rakucho」, The World's Flagship Store

      We want to be a store that helps people in the world through product or service.
      'Food' is the most basic act and must not be absent among the basics of life.
      The farm, the fishing grounds were remote, so food was simply consumed as a commodity.

      Many people don't know the producer, they don't know the land or the ocean where the food came from.
      The new vegetable and vegetable stores allow customers to think about producers and production sites.
      Your objective is to re-take the relationship between food and human.

    Keep Your Youth
    Idebenone Treatment Shop Now

    Toning Essence Facial
    Hydrating Booster Shop Now

4 Promise

  •  Verified Ingredients

    LAPOTHICELL only uses
    credible ingredients

  •  Low-Irritation Cosmetic Products

    LAPOTHICELL is making great effort to
    Use low-irritation cosmetic products
    even for the sensitive skin.

  •  Effort for the Skin

    To minimize unnecessary
    cosmetic product use,
    we included multiple efficacies
    and high-quality substances.

  •  Minimum Artificial Substance

    We use no artifical scents and coloring,
    and try to use minimum
    amounts of preservatives.

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